What Is the Health Conditions Resulting From Hormones?

Bioidentical Hormones have many benefits for women with menopausal syndromes. They work to regulate the natural hormonal fluctuations that occur with age. The term for the hormone therapy is “holistic” because they are designed to balance a woman’s hormone levels, not just one or the other. Bioidentical Hormones are the same as your body’s naturally occurring hormones. These hormones have been taken from all-natural organic plant sources.

There are no known side effects with bioidentical hormones. There have been no reports of adverse reactions occurring from taking part. Some common benefits of bio-identicals include improved memory and mood, reduced hot flashes and swelling of the hands and feet, and an increase in energy. Some common potential side effects of bio-identicals include increased vaginal candidiasis, water retention, elevated blood pressure, osteoporosis, and mild headaches.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been around since the early seventies, but it was not until recently that clinical studies had been conducted on these hormones. Some of the health benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy began to be seen in the nineties. More research is being done on the health benefits of these types of hormones because of the many women who began using them for menopause relief.

Many physicians see a reduction in symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness while other women notice a definite decrease in their vaginal yeast infections. Women also report an increase in moodiness, depression, and anxiety when treating their menopausal symptoms with these supplements.

Benefits of bioidentical hormones vary according to where you live in the world. In Europe, Japan, and Australia there are few or no side effects reported by patients. Progesterone is the primary hormone found in humans, which plays an important role in maintaining a woman’s general health including regulating her menstrual cycle. The benefits of using bioidentical hormones is the ease of use and the cost of use. Some companies offer free trials for a short period of time. The most important benefits of using this type of hormone treatment is that there are no harmful side effects to be had from using it.

Some of the possible benefits include prevention of heart disease and osteoporosis, reduction of breast and ovarian cancer, reduction in depression, and improvement in moodiness, insomnia, and depression. Many women have reported an increase in energy, increased sex drive, decreased fatigue, and absence of hot flashes after beginning the use of progesterone with bioidentical hormones. However, the only known side effects of using these types of hormones has been noted in women experiencing severe menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. Since hot flashes can occur up to six months before menopause symptoms start to occur, this type of side effect is a cause for concern.

Bioidentical Hormones Dallas Tx have shown positive benefits in the health conditions noted above, but they do not work by interfering with the endocrine system in the way that estrogen does. Estrogen, like art, can affect the balance of hormones in the body, and that affects the function of the endocrine system by altering the hormonal balance. Estrogen and that are both naturally produced by the body. There have been studies linking hormone replacement therapies with breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, while there are no known health risks from taking bioidentical hormones, a complete understanding of the endocrine system is essential to the proper use of these hormones.

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