How to Dose Cannabis in its Various Forms

If you consider yourself a recreational cannabis user or a therapeutic cannabis user, finding the dose that works best for you is not always an easy process. The profile for various strains can often be quite different. The way that strains continue to grow will ultimately have an impact on the final potency of your cannabis. Whether you prefer to vape, smoke, consume, or dab, finding a dose that works for you will come down to some experimentation.

Calculating The Strength of Your Materials

To get started, you’ll need to first know the potency that you’re working with. Whether you’re using a CBD oil or THC rich herb, choosing a potency is not always easy without the proper labeling in place. To calculate the total percentage of THC per gram in dried, think about the average amount that you would smoke. If you roll a joint that’s roughly half a gram and you are smoking a strain labeled with 14% THC, you would perform a calculation of 500 mg by the .14 to get a value of 70 mg of THC from your final dosage. You can use this calculation to determine the dosage for different strains of cannabis. To get the same effect from a different strain of cannabis that could be higher in THC like OG god bud at 22 % THC, you would want to use a smaller joint. Rolling a joint that is roughly 350 g will provide you with very close to the same dose because of the added potency.

With CBD oil the calculations can look a little bit different. In a 10 mL bottle, you might be getting 20 mg of CBD in a drop. 10 mL often equates to roughly 200 drops. This means that the total bottle strength is around 4000 mg. Taking the total value of CBD in milligrams and then dividing it out into drops is an easy way to calculate the dosage in every drop. Taking 4000 mg and dividing it by 200 drops gets you the dosage of 20 mg each drop.

Vape oil labels will also come with indications of the total amount in every canister. By dividing up the total number of puffs you typically get out of a canister you can find out the dose based on its potency.

With any type of dosing it’s important to try a very small dose to begin with until you start to experience the effects. If you’ve noticed that you aren’t gaining any benefits from the product after 15 to 20 min., try another small dose until you eventually reach a point where you are experiencing the benefits of your cannabis dose.

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