Skin Infections Found In Wrestling

Wrestling is a popular worldwide sport. Like every sport, there is the possibility of injury. However, more wrestlers are sidelined with skin conditions than they are hurt. Here are a few infections to watch out for on your wrestler.

How To Prevent Infections

To prevent a trip to the denver skin clinic, make sure your wrestler showers right after they wrestle and that they scrub thoroughly. It is best to do so within a half hour of practicing or competing. There are also wipes and foam cleansers that your athlete can use if necessary to clean the infections off of them.


Ringworm, which is probably the most well known of them all, is a fungal condition. It announces its presence with a red blemish surrounded by a darker circle around it. It can be passed by being in contact with an inanimate object such as the mat as well as by touching someone else who has it. It can be treated with over-the-counter fungal cream.


This bacterial infection appears to be a blister and can pop leaving a yellowish discharge. It can be passed along by skin contact, touching an object that has it, from being sneezed or coughed on and open wounds that are not taken care of correctly. A wrestler with impetigo will have to take antibiotics to clear this condition up.

Staph Infection

Staph is a very serious infection that will need medical treatment. It will be red and swollen and might look like a spider bite. It may also start to ooze. A physician might do further tests to see if it Staph or MRSA, a far more dangerous type of condition. Once the doctor has determined what it is, antibiotics will be given to clear it up. It can be spread much the same way as impetigo.

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