Advice for Diabetes Patients Regarding COVID-19

Since the beginning of the current year, COVID-19 has created a serious public health emergency and has affected people internationally. Lots of people have already died due to this virus and still many deaths are taking place at various parts of the world as well as in the USA too.

It has also been established that people who are suffering from diabetes and hypertension have higher risk of developing various complications, if they are affected by COVID-19. Research however has shown that diabetic people are not likely to get infected despite their having weaker immune system.

But if they ever get infected then they are at higher risks of getting pneumonia and inflammation and mortality risks become much higher. That may be due to –

  • Weak immune system
  • Virus may thrive in the environment where glucose level is higher.

Therefore, those who are diabetic should follow this guidance:

  1. Follow all the standard guidelines

You must follow all the standard hygiene practices followed for COVID-19 and wear Makrite 9500 N95 face masks whenever you venture out of your home to visit any public places. In case you are infected then you must immediately self-quarantine yourself.

  1. Ensure that you maintain enough medicine stock

You must always maintain sufficient stock of all your required medications and if your sugar level increases abruptly then you need to increase your dose. If you use glucometer then keep extra battery as a back-up.

  1. Must be aware about those medications that can influence glucose levels

Following are few medicines that can increase sugar levels and hence never take those medications without consulting your doctor.

  • Cough syrups
  • Ibuprofen can also increase insulin’s hypoglycemic effect
  • Aspirin can also increase sugar levels
  1. Be vigilant about signs of hypoglycemia/DKA

Those having type 1 diabetes may develop certain life-threatening condition known as diabetic keto-acidosis (DKA) due to insufficient insulin. So, either you must have a system to detect your keto level or consult your doctor.

  1. Always maintain healthy lifestyle

Often most diabetic people become sedentary while staying at home. Though you may not go outside for your regular walk or run, but you must fix a time to do physical exercise every day. Maintaining an exercise routine can help to calm your anxiety as well as can elevate your mood.

  1. Always consult doctors of you feel unwell

You must have emergency contact number available always with you, so that any time you ever feel unwell then you should be able to contact with him. If you are living alone then you must have contact number of your near ones.

  1. Eat healthy food

While staying home many people are tempted to eat unhealthy meals. However, you must take healthy food and always maintain healthy glucose levels. Avoid taking fried foods take enough green vegetables, fish and lean meat etc.

  1. Regularly check your sugar level

Your blood sugar level may often fluctuate after taking any extra food. Therefore, it is essential that you must regularly monitor your sugar level and change your food pattern accordingly.

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