Why You Should See Your Gynecologist Regularly

According to the ASHA, there are more than 20 million new STIs that will end up occurring in America every single year. About half of the new sexually transmitted diseases that are diagnosed happen among people who are in the age range of 15 to 24 years old. What is even more shocking, is that only 12 percent of young people who are believed to be diagnosed with a new sexually transmitted disease actually get tested and are aware of it. There are thousands of sexually transmitted diseases that go on undiagnosed every single year in the United States. It is very unfortunate that many young people don’t take the initiative to step up and get tested. Many young people are extremely uneducated about the possibilities of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Because of the young generation being uneducated and naive, many sexually transmitted diseases go undiagnosed and continue to spread on to the next innocent person. What many young women are unaware of is that sexually transmitted diseases can cause permanent damage to their bodies, preventing them from getting pregnant in the future. Seeing your gynecologist regularly can help discover any possible infection and also prevent permanent damage to your body.

According to CNN News, based on studies, there has been a significant increase in the amount of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, in the year 2015. Syphilis has increased by 19 percent; gonorrhea cases has increased by 12.8 percent and chlamydia has increased by 5.9 percent. These diseases are the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. It is very unfortunate that many sexually transmitted diseases go undiagnosed every single year. Many women are at a huge disadvantage since they have absolutely no symptoms for these sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, many times women are completely caught off guard when they go to their normal check-up and discover that they are being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. Many young people neglect the idea of using protection and also practicing monogamy. This is why it is very important for the younger generation and all generations to understand the severe consequences of sexually transmitted diseases.

Fortunately, there are cures for the most common sexually transmitted diseases. However, in many cases if your sexually transmitted disease has progressed into something more serious, there may not be a cure for the damage that it has caused to a woman’s body. Many women have been in an unfortunate situation and have been forced to live a life with the inability to create a baby, due to the consequences of living with a sexually transmitted disease that was undiagnosed. Seeing a gynecologist regularly is one of the only ways that you can prevent yourself from having an undiagnosed sexually transmitted disease. You can start your search for your nearest gynecologist by conducting a search online for: gynecologist des moines ia.

Overall, it is never fun to be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. It can actually be traumatizing to find out that you have a sexually transmitted disease, especially from someone that you trusted. It is very important to make sure you are seeing your gynecologist regularly in order to truly know your medical state.

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