Meditation for Anxiety

The first method I would recommend for you to start immediately to calm your anxiety is to meditate. Anxiety treatment Sheffield is very important and in my opinion I strongly recommend you mediate at least once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Meditation for Anxiety is one of the most important skills you will ever learn for dealing with social anxiety disorder, managing stress, and building confidence. If you have never mediated before here are some simple tips to get you started today:

Meditation for Anxiety – 30 Day Plan

Days 1-5:

The first five days of the process are going to be spent becoming aware of the things you are thinking about. There is really no purpose in this stage but to simply sit on the ground with your legs crossed and pay attention to whatever thoughts randomly jump into your mind. Do not attempt to focus on any one of these thoughts, just simply observe. Simply become conscious of the random thoughts which are entering into your mind. Do not analyze the thoughts or try to repress the thoughts, just be and observe.

Days 6-10:

During the second five days you’re going to be teaching your mind to get into what’s known as the hypnotic state. The hypnotic state is just between sleep and dreaming and is very peaceful and relaxing. To achieve the hypnotic state, lay down on your back and hold one arm at a 90 degree angle with the rest of your body. You want one arm in the air at 90 degrees so if you start to fall all sleep you will awaken. This stage will you also be observing your thoughts as they come into your mind just as you did during days 1 to 5. Once again just observe your thoughts and do not try to change them.

Days 11-20:

During days 11-20 of learning how to meditate, you are going to focus on slowing down the random thoughts that pop into your head. To do this, simply be aware of a thought that enters into your head. For example, if any of the thoughts listed below enter into your mind, simply be aware of them.

“I’m thinking about checking my email”

“I’m thinking about watering my lawn”

“I need to check for text messages”

As you practice this, you’ll find that the thoughts promptly disappear from your consciousness as soon as you acknowledge them. During this step, you’ll should be lying on your bed, or floor with your arm up in the 90 degree position as suggested above to keep you from falling a sleep. By the end of these 10 days, you’ll be ready for the last stage of meditation.

Days 21-30:

During the last ten days of learning how to meditate, you will be mastering the skill of staying in the hypnotic state. You will also be more aware of your thoughts and be able to clear your mind of any random thoughts which might pop up.

The only reason during these 10 days is to be in total peace with your mind, body and spirit. If you find any random thoughts entering into your mind, simply follow the steps and acknowledge them as taught in the 11 to 20 day section.

By the conclusion of this 10 day stage, you’ll have mastered the skill of meditation. In addition, you will have already begun to experience the benefits of decreasing your social anxiety, you will also be getting better quality sleep, have lesser stress levels, and improved awareness.

My friends start practicing the steps as listed above, and just 30 days from now you will have taught yourself the priceless skill of learning how to meditate. This is one on my favorite strategies for dealing with social anxiety. And I promise you, if you follow the suggestions and be consistent with the strategies, you will experience the results you are looking for.

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