Health Benefits of Dance:

The society supports the children and teenagers in singing and drawing and sports and other creative outlets but why is it that dance is often left on the side. Parents and teachers need to support the youth in dance as well, as it is a very creative and intricate art that is based on techniques and fluid body movements.

Dance isn’t just about moving to a beat and a rhythm, no. it is about becoming that piece of music, the mental relation with a beat and your physical interpretation of a certain type of note is very valuable and hard.

At the start, children find extreme happiness in just moving to any music. As they begin to mature though, their dance and movement become more structured, well proportioned, and can be presented in a magnificent style.

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From a very early age, just when children are learning how to crawl, they love the sense of music and dancing to the beat. We have seen many videos of it on the internet. Cute babies dancing to beats when they can’t even talk or walk properly. This interest of children in dance and just tapping and moving makes a way to neurological growth. Learning dance isn’t only about the flow of music through your body, but children also learn to follow exact directions, to copy the movements of their teachers and to remember it all, to be able to break through the patterns and to link the emotional expression to a certain dance move.

Many children in the world don’t like sports or P.E but still have a deep-rooted love for dance. This love can help them improve a lot with their balance, their fitness, and coordination with music, their endurance and strength, and their confidence in themself.

Dance is also a way in which physically or mentally challenged children can express themself in a form of art.


Dance is present in every culture and tradition all around the world. Teachers need to help students understand to recognize this fact as it is very important to know that dance is just another form of art, on a more physical note. Dance is used to express cultural values and feelings, beliefs, and more.

Dance is an art that stimulates a child’s imagination.

Just like every other form of art, dance is produced and presented. You can experience dance and also criticize it. You can study and practice and observe dance. Dance can tell a story, a legend but also can be abstract and mean whatever your mind can conjure up while observing the performance.

Dance is both, time demanding and physically demanding. when you practice dance, you need to use your brain, your creativity, and your body as well. Dance is a mixture of both sports and arts.

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