An Ultimate Guide on Hair Follicle Test Shampoo for Drug Tests

We live in the world in which drug tests have become mandatory ways of checking as a pre-employment process. However, employers can also conduct them randomly on working place, of course following specific laws and regulations about a privacy breach.

When it comes to hair drug tests, they can easily detect a long history of drug abuse, which is convenient for employers because they can determine whether their employees are consuming something frequently.

It is a much better solution than urinalysis or blood tests because they are efficient only for short spans, while hair screenings can show long-term usage. You should check out a review on detox shampoo so that you can determine how to pass hair follicle drug test.

The fact is that urinalysis is not efficient anymore, mainly due to an idea that you can find numerous ways to cheat it and tamper with it.

Therefore, most employers are choosing hair tests instead as the most accurate and safest way to determine whether someone has drug issues or not.

How Does It Work?

The main idea is that your hair has to grow, which means everything you consumed will enter the bloodstream and then your hair as a result. To simplify things, as soon as you use drugs, the traces such as byproducts and metabolites are deposited directly from blood into your hair shaft.

Finally, your new hair will contain everything you consumed, which means that hair is the perfect thing on your body that you can use to check previous drug consumption.

During a test, technicians will take samples of hair from your shaft and place it in a secured container for further analysis. You do not have to worry because they will not affect your appearance, and you will not even notice that the hair is gone.

They will take approximately one inch and a half from the back or top since this is the perfect measure that will determine the three months consumption period. They will take the samples back into the lab, and you can expect results in three days.

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The main idea between hair analyses is to detect long term and heavy drug abusers, which means that if you are occasional pot smoker, you can rest assured.

Of course, for short term testing, employers will still use blood and urine tests, which means that these two tests combined can present the entire picture of your potential employee.

In some specific situations, hair test can track one-year drug abuse, but since the accuracy falls after three months, this is the standard most administrators will consider during the analysis.

You should also remember that when it comes to hair, you will need between five and seven days from consumption for the drug to enter your new hair. From that moment, your hair will have samples of byproducts that you have consumed, and that is something you should remember.

At the same time, you need to have in mind that hair analysis features the same accuracy as other testing methods such as blood or urinalysis. However, you will get another benefit that will provide you an ability to detect a long history of drug use.

How to Beat Hair Analysis?

The controversy starts at the moment when you decide to cheat this particular test. You cannot consider any method that will give you a 100% chances of success, which is something you need to have in mind.

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However, some products and methods will help you along the way.

  • Abstinence – When it comes to passing a drug test, you should have in mind that abstinence is bliss. However, you have to stop consuming everything for at least four months if you wish to be successful.
  • Shave – The method that will help you pass a test is to shave completely, but that will create other issues with your employer because then he will check you out by using different testing methods.
  • Detoxification – The best method possible is the Macujo method that will help you remove THC particles and metabolites from your hair by using chemicals and detox shampoo such as Aloe Rid. Even though experts state that it is not efficient, you can find numerous examples and proofs of people that passed the test by following specific guidelines.

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